430 West 42nd Street
New York City
60 stories
1700 CGC Hybrid Heat Pumps
Absolute World, Mississauga, Ontario
1400 CGC Hybrid Units
CGC Hybrid Heat Pumps are featured
at the new Algonquin College Centre for
Construction Excellence, School of
Advanced Technology
Algonquin College
Riverhouse, Manhattan, N.Y.
Sparklin Hill Wellness Centre
Vernon, BC
Springdale Professional Building, Brampton, Ontario
CGC Geothermal System is 23.8% more efficient
Village at Blue, Collingwood, Ontario
Bell Canada Head Office, Montreal, Québec
1,000,000 sq ft office complex
The CGC Hybrid system is able to reclaim and recover more heat of rejection than traditional WSHP since the maximum loop temperature is 125°F for CGC as opposed to 90°F for traditional systems. This results in less total building energy consumption.
The process of heating the building with the heat generated within the building without additional heat input.
  • Turning the heating compressors OFF reduces electrical energy usage.
  • Using FreeHeat reduces total building energy consumption.
  • Heating with Natural Gas instead of electricity reduces energy costs.
Applying the CGC Hybrid concept to a Geothermal project can make the system 23.8% more efficient than a traditional GSHP.