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The CGC Group Philosophy

BUSINESS - Dedicated to being an innovative business partner who communicates clearly and strives for constant improvement and flexibility. Our goal is to respond effectively and quickly to challenges. A basic premise of operation is that a business arrangement is only a good deal if it works well for both parties. We do not have a bad project. The truth will always come out, the easiest road is to start with it.

EQUIPMENT - CGC Group equipment is designed to be practical and inexpensive to operate, sensible to install with reasonable capital costs, and provide comfortable surroundings for building occupants. Our business is founded on novel solutions to HVAC problems. One of our specialties is custom equipment that other vendors can't provide.

PEOPLE - In business there is nothing more important than good people. Every person at the CGC Group of companies is equal but they all have different responsibilities. None are more important than others. We strive to allow people to do what they like to do because they will do it well. We spend a great deal of time at work so we try to have fun there.