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This retrofit friendly system reduces the high capital cost often associated with geothermal installation. A smaller borehole field may be possible. Ultra low sound levels also add to the systems appeal.
Major Projects for this Industry
Geothermal Condominium
Le Vistal, Montreal
LEED Gold Certified
In Montréal, Québec, the Le Vistal condominium buildings are located on the tip of L'Ile-des-Soeurs. These 2-25 storey towers were built with the comfort of the residents and ecofriendly practices in mind, so an energy-efficient system was needed. As the buildings were being constructed, CGC supplied ecologically conscious systems and materials such as 330 Hybrid Heat Pumps, 14 Compax Water to Water Heat Pumps, and R-410A refrigerant. The use of these systems allowed Le Vistal to participate in the Green Loan program, whose loans are repaid with the money that energy-smart designs save. Since Le Vistal was designed to achieve LEED certification, these buildings continue to aim for the highest standards in environmental sustainability and efficient operation.
Springdale Professional Building
An independent analysis by Caneta Energy confirms that a Hybrid Heat Pump Geothermal System installed in the Springdale Professional Building will result in 23.8% energy savings over a conventional GSHP system.

Caneta Energy has modeled heat pump systems in a significant number of buildings over the past number of years. We have seldom seen a concept as promising as the CGC Group hybrid system, particularly when used in a ground coupled system with water to water heat pumps between the building loop and ground heat exchanger. When the building is balanced thermally, the ground heat exchanger can be by-passed, to maximize heat recovery and minimize pumping. This provides the benefits of conventional water-loop and ground source concepts in one system.
Caneta Research Inc.
R.L. Douglas Cane, P.Eng, Principal
Springdale Professional Building
Case Study (PDF)
Sparkling Hill Wellness Centre
Vernon, BC
Elizabeth Park School
Paradise, NFLD
The new school is registered with the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) and is designed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This means that the building is equipped with many green features that advance sustainability based on environmental, economic and social aspects.
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