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FreeHeat™ is defined as...

the process of reclaiming the heat generated within a building to
directly satisfy the heating needs of the building, without additional energy input.

The CGC Group Hybrid Heat Pump System conserves heat within the fluid loop instead of rejecting it to the atmosphere through a fluid cooler. This FreeHeat™ can then be used for various building heating requirements. Even with elevated fluid temperatures (maximum 125 ºF), the CGC Hybrid Heat Pumps are still able to perform mechanical cooling while maintaining  high EER’s ( Energy Efficiency Ratio).

An example of how the CGC Hybrid design can take advantage of FreeHeat™ is for treating ventillation air.  The cost to treat make up air constitutes a significant portion of the building’s total annual energy budget. Many buildings operate gas fired Make Up Air units while simultaneously rejecting condenser heat to a fluid cooler. The energy consumed by the fluid cooler can be significant. With the CGC Hybrid system, FreeHeat™ is used to treat the fresh air instead of wasting the heat to a fluid cooler. This eliminates the consumption of a fuel source to heat the fresh air during shoulder seasons.