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Free on-line continuing education The objective is to study a system that combines a Water Source Heat Pump System and a Fan coil system on the same two pipe loop. We will examine a hybrid water source heat pump system that doesn’t operate the compressors in the heating mode. Instead it absorbs the fluid heat directly from the fluid loop with hydronic coils . The energy benefits will be demonstrated along with “ fuel switching”.. the process of transferring the compressor heat to the boiler plant where a lower cost fuel source can be used. The economic benefits of fuel switching will be discussed.
The CGC presentation has been approved as follows:
Description: Provides an overviiew of the operation of hybrid heat pump systems and hybrid heat pump geothermal systems, including their energy savings, low electrical consumption, and efficient use of reclaimed heat.
Design Info:
The majority of this course is made up of sustainable design information. The courses in this level will offer more detailed and new information on a product, construction or manufacturing process, LEED credit achivement and other green organizations. These courses quality for AIA/SD LU’s and may qualify for USGBC approved GBCI CE Hours, please check course details pages for particulars.
AIA/CES Info: Course # AEC475
AIA/CES Learning Units: 1.5
AIA approved course. THis course qualifies for 1.0 HSW/SD/LU hour
AEC Daily reports Learning Units on member’s behalf
GBCI CMPUSGBC Info: Course # AEC475
GBCI CE Hours: 1.5
USGBC approved for GBCI CE Hours. Course approval # 0090005866.
LEED Professionals must self-report all CE hours online through My Credentials at www.gbci.org/main-nav/professional-credentials/credentials.aspx

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2.0 PDH for New York State
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