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The retrofit friendly design will make the decision to switch to the more energy efficient Hybrid system even easier.
Its whisper quiet operation and add to the already high ROI.
Major Projects for this Industry
Absolut Condominium Towers
Two Condominium Towers 56 & 51 floors, In-floor radiant heat, Varipak Make Up Air Units, 1400 CGC Hybrid Vertical Stack Units.
360 On Pearl
The Challenge
Modern buildings are often constructed with glass areas and spectacular views but come with comfort challenges. Heating the space near the full height windows becomes expensive and difficult. Often, the result is an almost uninhabitable cold space at the perimeter with cold drafts commonly referred to as "the cold wall effect".

The Solution
ComfortZone by the CGC Group utilizes the warm heat pump fluid loop for radiant in-floor heating as the first stage of heat. Treating the problem at the source with radiant heat eliminates cold spots and downdrafts, and provides greater comfort.
Geothermal Condominium
Le Vistal, Montreal
LEED Gold Certified
In Montréal, Québec, the Le Vistal condominium buildings are located on the tip of L'Ile-des-Soeurs. These 2-25 storey towers were built with the comfort of the residents and ecofriendly practices in mind, so an energy-efficient system was needed. As the buildings were being constructed, CGC supplied ecologically conscious systems and materials such as 330 Hybrid Heat Pumps, 14 Compax Water to Water Heat Pumps, and R-410A refrigerant. The use of these systems allowed Le Vistal to participate in the Green Loan program, whose loans are repaid with the money that energy-smart designs save. Since Le Vistal was designed to achieve LEED certification, these buildings continue to aim for the highest standards in environmental sustainability and efficient operation.
Riverhouse - New York
Discerning buyers and environmentalists alike agree, Riverhouse has set the standard for eco-luxury living. With its signature Oxygen Green environment, Riverhouse utilizes landscaped roof gardens, progressive filtration, recycling technologies and environmentally responsible materials that combine to offer residents the healthiest luxury living in New York City.

The eco-technology employed in the Riverhouse building extends from the outside in. A high-tech solar photovoltaic grid traces the sun's daily trajectory for maximum solar energy efficiency. Open roof areas are a complex of green roofs that are 75% covered in vegetation.

Inside, locally sourced renewable materials are finished with low or non-pollutant paints and adhesives to bring down overall environmental impact. Residents enjoy twice filtered air, filtered water, and non-toxic materials. The heating and air conditioning is provided by one of the world's most advanced HVAC systems, the CGC Hybrid Heat Pump. With its signature design of reclaiming and conserving energy, residents benefit from lower energy costs and whisper quiet operation.
Riverhouse - New York
Case Study (PDF)
Yorkville Tower
The new Yorkville Tower construction project consists of one 36 storey and one 12 storey residential condominium above one floor of retail space. The Make Up Air requirements for the entire structure are met by CGC Group Varipak units. The original concerns about exceeding the equipment budget were overcome by a step by step analysis of the building. The findings indicated that using traditional heat pumps would demand an increase in the fluid cooler, piping system, pumping stations and primary electrical service. A solution was required that met both the budgetary constraints as well as high environmental and efficiency standards.
Yorkville Tower
Case Study (PDF)
Manhattan Condominium
One of our latest successes, a 60 story Manhattan condominium and apartment complex presently in construction with expected completion in 2012. This development received extra LEED points with the implementation of the CGC Hybrid System and will save considerable operating costs by switching away from electrical compressor heat.
Tribeca Green, New York City
LEED NCv2.1 Gold
Second LEED Gold Multifamily High-Rise
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