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Special Applications


Cold Wall Barrier Utilizing FreeHeat™

  • 1st Stage Heating - In Floor Perimeter radiant heating
  • 2nd Stage Heating - Hybrid Heat Pump hydronic coil
  • Eliminates cold wall effect due to large glass areas
  • Valves and controls built into the Vertical Stack Hybrid Heat Pump

The Challenge
Modern buildings are often constructed with large glass areas a nd spectacular views but come with comfort challenges. Heating the space near the full height windows becomes expensiv e and difficult. Often, the result is an almost uninhabit - able cold space at the perimeter with cold drafts commonly referred to as "the cold wall effect".

The Solution
ComfortZone by the CGC Group utilizes the warm heat pump fluid loop for radiant in-floor heating as the first stage of heat. Treating the problem at the source with radiant heat, eliminates cold spots and downdrafts and provides greater comfort.