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CGC Hybrid Heat Pump Concept

CGC Benefits

The CGC Hybrid unit closely matches heating output with the demand by scheduling water loop temperatures to the outdoor ambient conditions. A hydronic heating coil delivers only the amount of heat that is required, unlike reversing WSHP that must have full compressor operation in order to deliver heat. A low air flow control algorithm in each unit ensures steady temperature control and whisper quiet operation. CGC actually is awarded projects due to low sound levels, thanks to a superior design and something our engineers jokingly refer to as our “silver bullet”.
The CGC Hybrid Heat Pump System is designed to use considerably less electricity than traditional reversing WSHP systems since the compressors only operate in the cooling mode and NOT in the heating mode. The rejected energy from the cooling units is transferred directly to a hydronic heating coil located in the unit similar in operation to a simple fan coil. By maintaining the heat within the water loop, Freeheat™ can be used for various building heating loads, while heat rejection and heat injection are eliminated whenever any heating is required. Unidirectional refrigerant circuit and high efficiency components result in high cooling efficiencies (EERs). Lower fluid flow rates than traditional systems result in lower pumping costs. Boilers can be either electric, gas, or any other fuel source that is available or affordable.
In the Vertical Stacked and Horizontal Sidewinder models, all of the operating components (fan, dx coil, water coil, control, etc) are part of the removable chassis which means that once the outside cabinet is installed, the entire chassis can slide in for immediate hook up and operation. This allows the existing system to be left in place until the new system is operational. This results in very little disruption to property operation. The Teachers Pet (geothermal) and the Klasskeeper are specifically designed for retrofitting existing schools.
Except for an outdoor ambient sensor, there are no technical differences between a CGC Hybrid design and a conventional reversing WSHP. The Hybrid Heat Pump concept is a combination of two well known systems. It operates as a heat pump in cooling and a fan coil in heating. Unit components are selected from major manufacturers so that they are available from local wholesalers throughout North America.
The compressors in the CGC Hybrid units cycle less than conventional systems since they do not operate in the heating mode. This means fewer compressor change-outs, less maintenance costs, and a longer unit lifetime. The refrigerant reversing valve has been eliminated in the CGC design, removing a potentially problematic component.
Low flow rates result in smaller pipe sizes, smaller pumps, and smaller fluid coolers. Lower pumping energy are also achieved. Significantly lower electrical connection ampacity in some cases may warrant a smaller electrical infrastructure. The need for a separate high temperature water heating loop is eliminated with the Hybrid Heat Pump design. Gas fired Make Up Air units are not required if the design incorporates a Hybrid Heat Pump Make Up Air Unit (Varipak).