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The Hybrid system avoids significant fluctuations in temperature for those who need a stable environment for health reasons as well as comfort. Its stable operation and ease of maintenance make this eco friendly system an ideal choice.
Major Projects for this Industry
Sunrise Assisted Living
Emergency Back-up Power
The project required a way to ensure heating under a loss of power condition. A back-up generator was required and size of the generator and power distribution were considerations. The advantage of the CGC Group Hybrid Heat Pump System is that the compressor does not operate in heating. The unit functions as a heat recovery air conditioner resulting in compressor operation in cooling only. Heat recovery requires only fan operation. A 24 volt signal is required to lock out the compressor.
Reduced Project Electrical Cost
The Hybrid Heat Pump System was selected to provide year round heating and air conditioning utilizing a 2-pipe heat recovery loop with an auxiliary boiler and cooling tower. The installation cost is similar to a water source heat pump system, but the energy cost will be reduced by 35 - 40% annually. This project featured hinged access doors with magnetic strips allowing easy filter service. Removal of the access panels reveal service LED's and a sight glass for troubleshooting, but the entire chassis is plug-connected for quick change out in 15 minutes. One spare chassis can serve the entire project.
Sunrise Assisted Living
Case Study (PDF)
Amica Retirement Community,
Whitby, Ontario
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